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Are you Blind to Marketing?

Updated: Feb 27, 2019

For many businesses, marketing, branding, and advertising are just useless expenses.  They believe these disciplines are something that they can do themselves.  

"We have Brochures, a Facebook Page and a website, we're good".

I hear it all the time. For some, that may actually work for a while, if planned and executed correctly. That success usually doesn't last very long. Some businesses have no idea what their "Unique Selling Proposition" is. They believe because they have a good product or service, that people will continue buying it forever.  Successful companies don't make this assumption. They are constantly testing marketing ideas, profiling their customer base, and using all kinds of demographics to keep a constant flow of new prospects coming to them. They test until they find the right strategy, creative execution and process that works.  

In my experience these companies invest in a marketing person (in house) or as a consultant. They do this because it's always good to have a perspective that doesn't have an emotional attachment, or tell them what they want to hear. You always need people in the room that will tell you the truth, whether you want to hear it or not. That means egos should be left at the door (If possible).

When someone calls me in to consult, I can usually tell in the first 15 minutes what kind of client experience it's going to be. Below is an abbreviated list of "personalities" I've come across. See if any sound familiar. 

1.  The BOSS

    No matter what is said or explained, they want it done their way. The needle never moves

and they wonder why. It's never their fault. Hmmm.


    They just go along with what ever I say, no questions asked, but don't really have any

    input. That's what they are paying me for.  


    They are prepared with statistics about past campaigns and know who their best

customers are. They have an idea of what they want to accomplish. They know what

they need to do. They want to test new ideas as well. I'm simply implementing their plan.


    They know nothing about their business statistically. They are not prepared, have no

time, no process. Success may have come early, but now they are plateauing, and

trending downward. They don't understand why.


They call and need you right away. They rush you to get things done as quickly as

possible. It's time for them to approve the work, or add their input. Then you don't

hear from them for two weeks because they're busy. They show a lack of focus and


Fortunately, I can work with any of these types of people, and can usually get them to agree on what their objectives are, and get them on the right track.  

The question is.  Who are you?

Volume 1; Issue 2

August 20, 2018

Accelus Group, Inc all rights reserved

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